Alex Whitsel
Alex Whitsel

I’m currently lifting and exercising for health and wellness these days and do not currently know my maximum weights.


Former CrossFit level one certification

Certified in the use of an AED and in CPR


Alex Whitsel

About Coach

These days my exercising focuses more on quality movement and longevity rather than loading and metabolic conditioning times. I am striving to stay young and healthy so that I am able to play with my children as they continue to grow. When you take part in one of my classes, my hope is that you walk out feeling like you’ve just had the best and most fun hour of your day. I place a much greater emphasis on form and technique overloading and metcon times and or scores. I want to make everyone feel welcome and at the same time make CrossFit feel “attainable” to everyone regardless of their fitness level.

Motivation & Passion

My passion is obviously CrossFit. I have spent the last eleven years taking classes, becoming certified via the level one seminar, becoming a CrossFit coach, and finally owning a gym myself. I am motivated each and every day by my children to stay young at heart as well as healthy and physically fit to play with them as they grow.